The makiwara CHALLENGE!

Matsubayashi Ryu Students,

As we are always looking to challenge ourselves and to better deal with the winter doldrums and Covid blahs, a new challenge is offered to each of us!  

Called the Makiwara Challenge, as of the first of March a monthly roster sheet with everyone’s name on it will be posted by the set of three Makiwara stands.  All you have to do is enter the number of strikes you have delivered before you leave.  As we have the three stands at the front, we also have the sand bag at the rear and strikes on any or all Makiwara devices, are tallied and entered for that date by your name!  

The kinds of strikes, patterns or energy delivered is only hindered by your imagination!

No prizes are offered but at the month end, the ‘Makiwara Challenge Champ’ will be acknowledged and the more important bonus, is that you have sharpened your striking technique and developed your atemi and Kime!  All wonderful and important attributes required for a well rounded Karateka!

We look forward to seeing this challenge being taken up and seeing the progression!

Stay safe and see you at the dojo,

Sensei Dan

Sensei Gary 

Sensei Jason

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